The International Bowen Therapy Foundation Diploma Course  includes a comprehensive training manual and working cards covering all the procedures taught during this course.


This module of the Bowen Therapy training introduces the new student to this effective and painless, gentle therapy.

You will learn the unique Bowen move, experience a full treatment from the Tutor yourself, and learn the introductory moves so that you can then treat family and friends.

You will learn how to take a comprehensive case history. 10 people will be treated 3 times and these will form the beginning of your portfolio for the final assessment.

There will be a session giving case histories from the Tutors extensive experience. 

You will also learn about the history and origins of this remarkable therapy.


This module is held a few months after Module 1.  The case histories, 10 people treated 3 times, will be examined and discussed in detail.

This Module is designed to support & revise the basic material as presented during Module 1.

On completion of this stage many other Bowen procedures are taught.

There is a  training manual specifically for Module 2 and specific cards related to the new procedures.   

A further 10 case studies must be completed in full and presented for discussion on the final course, Module 3. 


This module consists of new procedures, the Module 3 manual and working cards and the continuing practice of all those procedures learned so far. Students case studies will be discussed and evaluated. 

On the 5th day there is a 3 hour written examination and on the 6th day we will schedule the Practical assessment. A visiting examiner from the UK will preside over this assessment.

Following successful evaluation by the Examiner and the Tutor you will be awarded a Diploma of proficiency for Bowen Therapy and will be able to professionally practice Bowen Therapy.

An  acceptable certificate in Anatomy and Physiology and a valid First Aid certificate are pre-requisites to this practice. 

The therapy is taught as an introduction to bodywork for the non-professional and is also an ideal adjunct for the professional therapist.

This is a perfect new profession for retired people who wish to learn something new and in demand. 

Bowen Therapy is risk free, safe, and painless. It is perfect for babies, the elderly, children and people with disabilities. The range of people who may  be helped by Bowen Therapy is endless.  

 Here is a very short video where students describe their reasons for joining the course.