The International Bowen Training Foundation is accredited to the BTPA, UK.

The International Bowen Training Foundation is accredited to the UK   Bowen Therapy Professional Association, for both diploma and CPD courses.


I recently had the pleasure of introducing  my Bowen Diploma training, via The International Bowen Therapy Foundation, to a group of Students in Hong Kong. We had a very excited and enthusiastic group who all reported changes in their health and well being during the course itself. For the first week I was examining new Aromatherapists and offering them some new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses. I then had 2 days off with an unexpected day off for the Typhoon that swept the Island for 24 hours and just happened to be the day when jet lag swept over me.. Perfect timing.

Most of the students had Anatomy and Physiology which helps with absorption of new terms though the students who had not yet studied it did very well. Annie Lee, my hostess and co-ordinator there took such good care of me and helped me in every way possible. I love teaching Bowen therapy and seeing the results that the students achieve with their families and friends.

April 2018 will see the next Module begin and I am looking forward to hearing about the success of their case histories and seeing all my new students.



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